The Illinois Marijuana Party is an inspired group of Illinois residents who are fed up with the government’s prohibition of marijuana. We’re tired of our private lives being intruded, with testing our urine at school and at work, with our homes being invaded, and with a plant getting us imprisoned.

We’re citizens and we don’t need or want to be tested for drugs!

We feel that it is high time the regular smokers of marijuana stopped hiding the love they’ve got for this plant and come together as one united body to request that the “unconstitutional drug war and marijuana prohibition.”

The drug wars wreck more havoc than even the drugs.

If we are united, our numerous votes can do a lot. We like to live freely and we should be determined to write, really, demonstrate, stand up, and be counted.
We can’t afford to wait while the government silences us in the prison system!

A lot of our brothers are there right now, in the prison.

Today, more Illinois citizens are in prison for marijuana crimes than any other time in the history of Illinois. The marijuana war is a genocidal one waged by a government that is determined to destroy our planet, our freedom, our culture and our rights politically.

  • “We seek the removal of all penalties for our adults over 18 who choose to use marijuana responsibly.”
  • “We demand that an end is put to the war on law-abiding and industrial citizens of Illinois by the powers that claim they’re protecting us.”
  • “We seek the right to consume any medications that our healthcare provider deems appropriate without the government interfering.”
  • “We see the release of everyone who has been jailed for cannabis offenses and that their criminal histories be erased.”
  • “We demand that every seized property during cannabis raids be given back to the rightful owners immediately.”
  • “We demand a more efficient utilization of our tax money by the law enforcement agencies and that they utilize the resources at their disposal to prosecute violent criminals as well as crimes which actually involve victims.”

What Does The Illinois Marijuana Party Do?

The Illinois States Marijuana Party is out to help Illinois citizens to take charge of our government which seems not to be out-of-control and to hands over power back to its people as it ought to be.

  • We’re pro-constitution!
  • We’re patriotic citizens who believe firmly in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.
  • We’re organizing Marijuana Parties in cities across Illinois State.
  • We show up in communities and hold rallies and protests.
  • We send letters to elected officials and the media.
  • We plan on running candidates through the Marijuana Party ticket at all levels, and to discuss the issue wherever and whenever we have the opportunity!

If there’s no chapter of the Illinois Marijuana Party in your community BEGIN ONE RIGHT AWAY!

How Can I Help The Illinois Marijuana Party?

The Illinois Marijuana Party operates majorly from donations of concerned citizens.

You can open a Chapter or support the Illinois Marijuana Party in your city.
Hold or show up at pro-marijuana events in your community.
Send letters to your elected officials and newspaper editors demanding an end to the drug war and marijuana prohibition.

Another thing you can do is to simply talk about this issue with co-workers, relatives, and friends at the slightest chance.

The more this controversial subject is pushed into the spotlight, the sooner the prohibition nightmare will end.

It is NOT about what others do; it’s about what YOU DO!