The Best Detox Drinks for a Drug Test

There are those who need to get a permanent detox, and those for whom a shorter detox will do. The best news is that detox drink agents are safe to use, with a concoction of herbs, vitamins and minerals in their make up.

How do they work? Urine tests look for metabolites, which are a result of the metabolic process. What this means in English is that metabolites are the transformed leftovers of what you’ve smoked or ingested. The test won’t see exactly what you smoked in your urine, but what your body did with it, and this footprint per se, is easily measurable if there. The test will not detect what is not there, because you will have already masked it or cleaned it out, by using specially formulated detox drinks and drinking water as per the instructions on the bottle.

What is important to know is the difference between permanent and same-day detox drinks so that you can choose the best product for your needs.

Permanent Detox Drinks

The permanent solution to passing a drug test and any subsequent ones, is by stopping ingesting, then cleaning out what you have already ingested. The metabolites we spoke of get carried through your bloodstream and attach to your fat cells, so as you go about your day, even if you smoked weeks ago, the odd metabolite may detach from some fat and coast out your system, which is when it gets picked up by a random test. When you take a permanent detox drink, you clean out your whole system, but the more fat you have, the more likelihood that metabolites are stored somewhere in your system.

Same – Day Detox Drinks

What happens in a same-day solution is that the metabolites get covered up or flushed out of your bladder for between two to five hours. In that time, if you have not smoked for around one to two days, you can pass a test. If you have smoked in that window period, some of the same day detox drinks are so good that you can still pass, especially if you haven’t smoked the highest THC strain available for breakfast.

In the past, some detox drinks just made your urine look watered down, and got you busted. Then the companies that made them listened, and started adding B vitamins to add the right hue of yellow for the testers’ satisfaction, as well as other components normally found in urine.

The Best Detox Drinks

The market for detox drinks is saturated with fabulous sounding products. Here is a selection of the most common and popular:

QCarbo 20 with Super Boosters

This one comes with a money back guarantee so sure are the manufacturers that it works. Not only will this one flush out your toxins for a clean test, but it will provide you with nutrients to supercharge your system. It works straight-away, so it is best used one hour before your test.

What sets this product apart from the rest is that it is your last-minute go to the moment you get surprised with knowledge of a test. It’s also for frequent smokers, who need something strong and worth their effort, but a downside is that you’re advised not to smoke for more than forty eight hours before the test.


  • It’s fortified with vitamins to give you clean urine with good colour
  • It comes with a guarantee
  • It is easy to get and to store for emergencies


  • Dodgy Online sellers could give you expired stock
  • It can be pricey for some, which leads people to dodgy online sellers

Instructions for use:

  1. Don’t smoke for forty eight hours or more
  2. Drink twenty ounces of water on an empty stomach one to two hours before testing
  3. Wait twenty minutes, then drink the entire bottle and all four boosters
  4. Wait another twenty minutes, then drink another twenty ounces of water
  5. Urinate as frequently as possible before the test

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

This detox comes as a kit, giving you a drink, pills, and some home test kits. Some tests today can be so sophisticated that they show you’ve used cleansers, but when you use this kit, it is not detectable, and thus, perfectly legal.

Many products like this that promise the world only do so with pills, while the fast detox kit works because it is multi-faceted, combining fast-working products. Your window period is temporary, giving you between ninety minutes and five hours to be tested and pass. The ingredients are herbs, vitamins, and minerals, as well as creatine, which means your urine will contain what it should, minus the metabolites. If you were to take diuretics, which just increase urination, your urine would show that you’ve attempted to clean your system up, which, according to testers, is cheating.

What is vital is the added creatine, which works to help you pass tests as lowered creatine levels are what tests look for. Why is this? Lowered creatine levels means a high water intake, which could then mean possible dilution has taken place.


  • Extra strong
  • Can be used after you have recently smoked
  • Safe to use
  • Legal and not detectable


  • Slightly pricey,
  • Avoid big meals before taking it

Instructions for use:

  1. Two hours before use, drink twenty ounces of water
  2. Wait for twenty minutes, then drink the whole bottle of QCarbo Plus, and all four boosters
  3. Wait another twenty minutes, then refill the QCarbo Plus bottle with water, and drink it
  4. Urinate as many times as possible before the test
  5. Take the at home test. If you don’t pass, move on to the next step
  6. Chew the tablet, QClean, followed by drinking thirty two ounces of water
  7. Urinate as often as possible before the test

Vale 4X

This detox drink is for the heavy set person whose system may have more metabolites in evidence than their skinny neighbour. The bottle states it works in an hour even if you have a high BMI or very high toxin levels. Its sales pitch is that its formulation has fewer calories than the other popular brands, so if your diet means as much as passing a test, you might want to consider this one.


  • Simple and safe to use
  • Works in two hours
  • Lower in calories, but higher in strength


  • Smoking not advised for up to forty eight hours or more for best results
  • It doesn’t come with the best reviews

Instructions for use:

  1. Consume pills one to two hours before test
  2. Fill up bottle with water, drink it
  3. Urinate two to three times before test minimum, but preferably four to five times

QCarbo 32

What makes this detox drink different from the others is that it requires no extra water. It’s packed with all the necessary detox herbs, vitamins, and minerals to give you a clean pass, without excess water consumption. It’s a same-day detox, beginning to work around thirty minutes after you’ve taken it, and effective for up to seven hours later. Be sure to urinate frequently before the test at least one to two hours before testing.


  • It’s strong
  • It’s safe
  • It’s easy
  • The grape flavour tastes good


  • It’s on the pricey side
  • More time may be needed

Instructions for use:

  1. Before drinking, shake the bottle well
  2. Drink the entire bottle without water or anything else
  3. Remember to urinate frequently

Stinger Seven Day Detox

As its name suggests, the Stinger Seven Day Detox is a plan for someone who wants a permanent detox, which will remove all metabolites from your blood, urine, and even follicles. This solution also involves taking tablespoons of a liquid per day, rather than taking tablets or drinking a heavy set detox drink. What it does mean is abstaining from all before taking it, and while taking it.


  • It’s thorough, cleansing blood, urine and follicles
  • It easily digestible


  • Smoking not advised for up to forty eight hours or more for best results
  • Cold medicines can interfere with its effectiveness

Instructions for use:

  1. Stop ingesting forty-eight hours before your detox
  2. Take one tablespoon in the morning and in the evening with meals
  3. Finish the bottle with your last tablespoon

Looking at the best detox drinks for a drug test, you find that strength and speed combine to help you out in emergencies. Following the instructions can’t be stressed more, as each detox has its own unique formulation, and thus its own method. That said, the fast detox kit is a good combination of the best detox products, combined with strips for you to test yourself first for added peace of mind.

It is possible to use nature to counter natural things, and this is what these detox drinks do. They cleanse your body using nature’s medicine and science’s findings to give you the clean pass when you need it, fast.

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