Smart Ways of Storing Weed

That man who used to grow weed in his backyard and sell you weed out of a converted shed who bothered to share a piece of advice that the best way to store weed is in an airtight Mason jar.

It helps keeping the moisture out, preventing mold and also helps in preventing the bud from drying out into a crumbly mess.

Not everyone likes to store their precious weed in those dull airtight jars but one could become a little crafty and can try few attractive things.

The two main traits any good storage container has are scent controller and longevity. For both, you’re going to want an airtight seal, or as close to an airtight seal you can get.

Here are some surefire, easy yet most effective ways. Maybe it could be even fun ways to keep you bud fresh, no matter what type of cannabis it is.

Little Jars

Little jars don’t come in just a surprise anymore, companies that sell jars for canning, make them in a variety of colors, sizes and glass patterns.

Storing weed in those little jars has been experienced as the most effective way, it maintains the moisture of the weed without letting it get spoiled as it might dry out due to moisture and also those little jars are proven to be more sensible as opening the lid of the jar adds air to it which could easily spoil out the weed, thus, storing weed in little jars would led to less of opening the lid and also would lead to better durability.

Medicine Bottles

Before throwing out those empty medicine bottles, try saving them!

Those bottles that are easily disposed can be used for good. The empty vitamin bottles can be set for best use.

Storing weed in those medicine bottles helps in maintaining the moisture of weed but just remember to tear off the label if you are using the medicine bottles, so you don’t get slapped with illegally possessing someone else’s prescription, or tampering with the contents of a prescribed medication.

As it comes to reusable products, the second thing that comes to my mind is “Pet Treat Containers”. It might sound “gross” but trust me it is the best.

Pet food smells bad and so do their treats. Which is why buying a “smell proof” treat jar may be the ticket of storing your cannabis in a, let’s not say “sneaky”, but a discrete way, plus they have cute little designs on the outside like paw prints.

What’s not to like about cute little designs like paw prints?

Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags seems to be the most honorable mention as these turn out to be the life saviors.

These will work if you’re absolutely strapped- honestly, even wrapping your nugs in a tight ball of Saran wrap will effectively store your weed without smell or degradation.

It is also more effective as it is pocket friendly as it can be folded and carried easily without any worry.

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