Smart Way of Using Aspirin to Pass a Drug Test for Weed

Whether you are using drugs for medication or leisure, there will come a time when you wish you didn’t, and that is when you have to apply for a job or get your license. In these circumstances, you would need to pass the drug test. But how is it possible if you have been using drugs regularly? I’ll let you in on a little secret.

What Is A Urine Drug Test?

A urine drug testing is a painless procedure, and it analyzes your urine for the presence of prescription medications or weed. Through the urine drug test, it will help detect if someone has a potential substance abuse problem. If you are using prescription drugs with your doctor’s consent, then this is not a problem. But what if the drug test identifies that you are misusing a particular drug–especially marijuana? Drug testing centers will place it on their report if you test positive or not and your employment may or may not be notified.

The Purpose of Drug Testing

There are many situations wherein a urine drug test is necessary. Many work institutions in the United States often subject their employees to random drug testing. This is to ensure a safe work environment for both their employee and clients alike. On the other hand, emergency room doctors can also request for a drug test if you display strange behaviors during treatment.

While these on-the-spot drug tests will catch you by surprise, there are some urine drug tests that you can prepare for. Many employers require their employees to undergo a drug test before they hire them. This is especially true if you are applying for jobs that are at high risks such as air traffic controllers or truck drivers.

The Basics of Cannabis Metabolism

The metabolism of cannabis differs on how you take it and how the metabolites degrade. The thing is when you use cannabis, you get two metabolites: 11-OH-THC and 11-COOH-THC. If you smoke cannabis, you will get high in 15 minutes because of the 11-OH-THC but drops sharply after 12 hours. Since cannabis has another metabolite, it takes about seven days for the body to metabolize cannabis completely. Ingestion of cannabis, on the other hand, takes around 6 hours to drop. Understanding how the body metabolizes cannabis gives you the exact time frame on how to make their levels go down to an undetectable level.

How to Pass the Drug Test

I understand that you are in a dire need to pass the drug test otherwise you will not be looking at this article. Your goal to pass the drug test is to test negative for the THC metabolites. While drug tests are accurate, there are anecdotal studies indicating that there is a way to pass it. Now, I promised earlier that I would let you on in a little secret and this section will tell you just what you need to know, and all you need is a little pill–the aspirin.

Dilute an aspirin with Gatorade or Pedialyte and add two tablespoons of salt per quart. The taste may come pretty bad, but there is science behind this. Consuming extra salt keeps the specific gravity of the urine up which will make your numbers look normal. If you have a low specific gravity, it can give your doctor, and people who check your urine a clue that the body is flushing out more water means you are forcing yourself to detox from your drugs. You get busted for that! Remember, very diluted urine reflects with low specific gravity and may need you to do the test all over again.

But it is not as simple as drinking aspirin diluted in Gatorade that you have to do. Below are the tips that you need to follow (and I mean strictly, if you must) to be able to pass the urine test.

  • Two hours before the test, get up and urinate then drink the concoction: 1-quart liquid, creatine supplement, three aspirins, 4 Rolaids
  • An hour before the test drink the concoction: 1 quart of liquid, three aspirins, 1 pill b-vitamin, 4 Rolaids
  • 30 minutes before the test, drink the concoction: 2 quarts liquid, 2 aspirins, 4 Rolaids

Urinate as often as you need. Don’t worry because you will be able to produce a sample needed for the drug test because you will have the urge to pee with this concoction all the time. If you are doubtful of this method, you can test the process with water and vitamin. Timing is everything here. If you take it a bit too late, it will not show up in the test. If you take it too early, it flushes out before you can take the test.

Will Aspirin Help You Pass the Drug Test?

For apparent reasons, aspirin can trigger a false-negative result on common urine tests. A false-negative result means that the result is negative even if you have a particular condition–in this case, the test will come out negative even if you are using marijuana. A study published in the journal Clinical Chemistry, its researchers, noted that ingestion of aspirin could produce negative bias to urine samples confirming the false-negative results reported by people who have already tried this method. The mechanism of how aspirin works is not yet clear, but it can reduce the immunoassay signal of the drug test leading to false negative results.

However, you have to take note that drug testing protocols also evolve and is now becoming more sophisticated. Fault systems have been put in place to prevent false negative results. So, if a urine sample causes an error because of the presence of aspirin, it might be considered that the results are tampered with, and a retest might be needed. The thing is that you are not guaranteed that you are off the hook as it just makes your urine samples contaminated.

In conclusion, using aspirin will not guarantee that you will pass the drug test. Covering your samples with high amounts of aspirin can only delay the urine assay test so that you can be given more time to clean up your system.

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