10 Simple Steps to Quit Your Weed Addiction

Marijuana use and abuse have been going rampant ever since. Many have already lost their families, homes, and jobs because of addiction to this substance. Those who get busted usually want to change for the better to regain the lives they once have had and lost. So, for those with the same dilemma, here’s a step-by-step guide to quitting marijuana before it’s too late for you too.

Here are some steps in preparing to quit smoking weed

Recognize your addiction

Once the willingness to quit smoking has been realized, the drive to do so would be immense, and the person would be motivated to do whatever it takes to get “clean.” After deciding to quit, you may not know what the next step is or how to do it. Recognizing and understanding your addiction can aid you in making a plan to stop smoking weed forever.

Set a date to get sober

Procrastination is always a drug addict’s excuse not to start as soon as they can. Whether they’d say they will start quitting next week, weeks then turn into months and then to years and eventually they find themselves not quitting at all. It can be very frustrating even to them, so it’s necessary to set a proper date to quit so there will be no more excuses.

Get rid of all paraphernalia

Eliminating all the paraphernalia within sight is an effective way to help you stop smoking. You would find a hard time looking for ways to smoke the weed without the tools such as your bongs, vaporizer, and pipes. So, it is best to throw them all away for your good.

Prepare for withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms can be very unpleasant. It is more likely you would change course and smoke another joint if you could if only to avoid feeling so horrible. Among these symptoms are anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, nightmares and more. If you know how to handle these symptoms, then you’re on your way to success. You can also ask a local rehabilitation center to help you get sober.

Have a support system

A support system may consist of your family, relatives and friends, even those who also smoke pot. Let them know that you have decided to sober up and you would want their support. You may also want to avoid your friends who are marijuana users for a while too as they can trigger you to get back to your old habits.

Find a hobby

Dedicate your time looking for a new recreation like a new hobby or sport. It is another medium to forget the urge of getting back to smoking pot. If this is too much of a task for you and is feeling depressed, it may be a good thing to watch a movie that is light and fun and does not express heavy drama. Talking to a friend is another way to express bottled-up emotions too.

Avoid regularity

Change your routines every so often. To fill up the time you usually used to spend getting “high” doing something entirely different. It may drive you crazy, but it works to divert your attention to some things more important. You can start by changing your morning routine. Instead of waking up early just so you could smoke, wake up a little late and change your time schedules for the entire day to avoid coming face-to-face with weed.

Handle your urges

The urge to smoke weed can be very overpowering sometimes; you have to possess the firm resolve to quit the addiction completely. Avoid the places that trigger you to smoke, flee from the scene immediately. Breathe deeply to calm you down and put something in your mouth like candy, for instance, to curb the craving and of course hydrate with lots of water.

Join a support group

If you don’t have a support system and you want someone to motivate you on your road to recovery, then join a support group. If you are having a difficult time handling this on your own, a support group may make it easy for you since they have gone through a similar phase and they can provide answers to your questions. There can be many local organizations in your area like Narcotics Anonymous who have already established a name in that department.

Check into a rehabilitation center

Rehab is another way to quit but can be very expensive. If you have run out of methods to help you quit that seems ineffective, then this can be your last resort. This decision should not be made out on a whim, people who get to rehab have decided to quit, and they take it seriously. Rehab can do you a world of good, and you will have them to thank for once you’re sober.

In the course of quitting, you may want to try other means to get rid of the drugs in your body. Detoxing has been found to be a common method and has been proven safe and effective without the risk of side effects. Many have tried it and have proven that it works. It may just be the next big thing in the detox department.

Other Alternative

One can also resort to a detox program. One example is the Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Program, which is made from the finest natural ingredients. It helps flush out nicotine, THC, cocaine, meth and many more unwanted substances out of the body. It permanently cleanses the blood, saliva and the urinary tract in as fast as seven days. This detox kit effectively detoxifies for maximum health and wellness.

The decision to quit is entirely yours. The road to recovery may be bumpy, but imagine the possibilities and the goodness of a sober lifestyle that is waiting for you. Be good to yourself and never quit. Good things come to those who are patient and persevering, wait and see.

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