How to pass a urine drug test

Employers request a urine drug test in the majority of cases. There are several successful methods for passing it, but we have to get all the information about how they conduct the testing. The only difference is whether they announced the test several days in advance or for the next day.

Conducting Urine Drug Test

The employer can schedule drug tests whenever they want, but they have to announce that. The test can be carried out within the company or in specialized laboratories, depending on whether the control is routinely or there are reasonable doubts about the abuse of marijuana.

Since it is necessary to preserve the privacy of the workers, we come to the scheduled time to give a sample. Sampling can be supervised or unsupervised, and it’s good to know what kind of analysis the lab will perform.

For the unsupervised test, we can take our empty bottle, or we’ll get one in the lab. Lab technicians will send us behind the curtain or in some separated room, and we have to provide the sample in the exact period. In the case of a supervised test, a supervisor literally watches us peeing.

Urine Drug Test Types

There are two types of urine drug tests, immunoassay and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) tests. The first one is the traditional analysis, while the second one is used in the case when the result of immunoassay is suspected as a false positive or false negative.

While the immunoassay is cheaper and easier to conduct, the procedure for performing the GC/SM test is complicated because it requires additional laboratory testing. But it gives better and more accurate results. (3)

Detecting Marijuana Metabolites

When asking for drug testing, employers first suspect the abuse of marijuana. Its metabolites can stay long in the body, and the urine drug test reveals their presence up to 30 days (heavy users). The detectable substances are the cannabinoids THC-COOH and THC-COOH-glucuronide that arise after THC (which is the psychoactive component of cannabis) decomposes. (4)

The cut-off left determines whether the test results are positive or negative. (5) For passing a urine drug test, the number of cannabis metabolites should be below the limit set by the lab. In immunoassay testing, it is 50 ng/ml, while for GC/SM testing this limit is decreased to 15 ng/ml (nanogram per milliliter of urine).

Passing Urine Drug Test Scheduled for the Next Day (24h or less)

If our employer announced a drug test for the next day, panic and stress are undesirable. Although we have 24 hours or less to prepare and pass the test, it’s feasible. We can’t look for solutions on the Internet, but we have plenty of time to deal with home-made treatments and products we can find in the nearest stores.

Aspirin to the Rescue

Unless the employer has a good reason to insist on additional testing, even a false negative result is enough to pass the immunoassay urine drug test. Aspirin, a medication that each one of us has at home, can be of great help.

Its active substance, salicylic acid, affects the cannabis metabolites while they are in the bloodstream, reducing the amount that goes into the urine. And if we drink enough fluids before testing, we’ll dilute the urine sample, and the concentration of the metabolite will decrease under the prescribed cut-off levels.

A simple and proven method is to drink plenty of water a few hours before the test. About 4 to 6 hours before testing, I usually take four aspirin pills and urinate at least two times. This will remove the deposits of THC metabolites, and dilute the urine. Always take midstream urine specimen because the concentration of the metabolite is lower in it. (6)

3-hour Detox Method with Aspirin

On the same day, we can use one more proven method that involves aspirin. We can opt for this protocol as an additional cleansing method in case we have a few days to detox the organism. A 3-hour protocol also proves to be effective when used just before the test.

The purpose of this detox method is to reduce the concentration of cannabis metabolites without further disturbing the pH balance of urine, to avoid any doubt during testing. For the best results, we should start with this method at the exact time, with prescribed quantities of ingredients, usually found in a local drug store.

Here’s step by step guide:

  1. Take four aspirin pills 4 to 6 hours before testing.
  2. After a short break, approximately 3 hours before the test, take 10 g of creatine ethyl ester 3 hours. This is a proper supplementation to keep creatinine balance on the optimal level.
  3. At the same time, take 200 mg of vitamin B2, which will help maintain the natural color of the urine.
  4. According to the instructions, we should drink at least half a liter (up to one liter) of an electrolyte solution every hour before sampling. I usually take the first amount of this fluid 3 hours before the test. For every next hour, I prepare a new amount, not all at once. The goal is to create at least 800 milliliters of urine, which frequent excretion will eliminate a mass of THC metabolites every time we urinate.
  5. Before going to the scheduled drug test, it is desirable to do at least one test run at home. We can use test strips found in any local store or pharmacy. We should check the specific urine weight (about 1,003), the creatinine level (≥ 20 mg per deciliter of urine), the pH value (alkaline balance) and generally whether the test shows a negative result.

Ask Someone for a Clean Urine Sample

Replacing samples may be the oldest method to fool a drug test. Simply ask a friend or relatives to give us some clean urine we’ll put in a sampling bottle instead of our. However, we can’t use this method every time. It’s still feasible when it comes to unsupervised testing, but it’s a question of how to sneak that urine sample in.

In theory, it is possible to use a sample from a friend or relatives of the opposite sex. It is not possible to determine the sex of the person being tested on an ordinary immunoassay urine drug test. Even a kid’s urine can help, but only in one case – when the employer doesn’t ask for additional testing.

Collect and Store Clean Urine Samples

Once we enter the sample room, we have very little time to use the sample we brought. If we bring someone’s sample, we should take it right before testing. Urine loses its properties shortly after excretion from the body. Also, taking care of hygiene of hands and collecting materials is a must.

We can sneak in a urine sample in a resealable plastic bag. It’s made of materials that maintain optimal urine temperatures when we keep the bag close to us. Urine with the low heat, below 90F, can be rejected as a sample. (7)

When we have to do the drug test early in the morning, we can take the sample a day before and keep it in the fridge overnight. This will stop the development of bacteria that degrade the components of the urine. Tomorrow, we can use the sample in the same way as described in the previous paragraph.

When using someone else’s sample, the procedure of storing and sneaking the urine in is the same like when we use synthetic urine (this method is excellent when we have more time before drug test). On the following link, readers can find more information about this handy product.

Same Day Detox Kit – Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

Our bladder (8) is a “store” of all the metabolites that remain in the body after using cannabis. Before going to a drug test, we have to flush them out. This requires large amounts of water, which will force us to urinate more often and thus reduce the concentration of cannabis metabolites in body fluids.

However, when we drink a lot of water, there is a risk that our urine sample becomes too diluted (9) and the lab can reject it. We should use products, such as Fast Marijuana Detox Kit, which will maintain its natural composition. It doesn’t disturb the level of electrolytes and creatinine nor the alkalinity level of the urine (pH value).

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit gives excellent results when we need fast (same-day) “cleaning.” It prevents further excretion of cannabis metabolites from the bladder into the urine. After we use all the products from the kit according to the instructions (with a required amount of water), the effects are noticeable after 90 minutes and last up to 5 hours.

Is the Product Safe for Use?

A regular cannabis user should always have a spare Fast Marijuana Detox Kit, in case of sudden testing. A large number of positive reviews and experiences are the best recommendation for this product. All products from the kit are legal, tested and safe or immediate use. They contain a variety of ingredients that are known as excellent diuretics and body cleansers.

An additional caution and consultations with the doctor are needed in pregnant women, breastfeeding moms, chronic kidney or gallbladder patients.

Tips for Passing Urine Drug Test Scheduled in a Couple of Days

When there’s no need for the urgent drug test, employers usually announce it several days in advance. This significantly increases our chances of passing because we have more time to prepare and clean the organism of cannabis metabolites, using one of the methods that will be explained.

Synthetic Urine as the First Choice

When we have a few days to prepare for a drug test, we don’t have to ask for a friend to give us a clean urine sample. We have plenty of time to order synthetic urine from some trusted online store. It has all the properties of human urine.

We can usually find in the form of the powder or solution. The manufacturers have improved this product almost to perfection, taking care of the level of ammonia, creatinine, pH values, and even the specific gravity.

There is almost no chance to notice any difference, especially if we know that many laboratories use similar products to calibrate equipment they use for drug testing. So a routine drug test (immunoassay) can’t detect the synthetic urine.

However, there is always a chance that labs use some advanced technologies and procedures for detecting synthetic urine (10). So we could do our best to find out how these institutions perform the testing and what methods they use, if possible.

Synthetic Urine Use

The synthetic urine sample is relevant when it has the same structure as real urine. Also, there shouldn’t be any substances, such as glutarahydrate, which human urine doesn’t contain but it can be a part of many fake urine products. When ordering synthetic urine, we have to pay attention to its composition.

When submitting a urine sample for a drug test, it should have the optimal temperature between 90 F and 100 F. (11) On the market; there are synthetic urine products which powder gives a sample of the optimum heat, right after we mix it with distilled water. And it keeps the temperature for a while.

But we can also find those “ordinary” synthetic urine powders or sub-solutions, which require the use of heating pads after preparation. These pads can hold the temperature up to 8 hours, but to avoid any complication, prepare the sample just before going to a drug test.

It’s good to know whether the testing is supervised or unsupervised so we can plan on how to sneak the sample in.

How to Bring a Sample to Unsupervised Test

If we know that sample collecting in the lab is unsupervised, we can prepare synthetic urine at home and store it in a plastic resealable bag. Since we have just a few minutes for providing a urine sample, we have just enough time to transfer it to labeled sampling bottle.

Supervisors of the testing usually insist on taking off the jacket and emptying the pockets before we enter the sampling room. We must hold the synthetic urine close to the body, to maintain the heat. Putting it in underwear or socks can work. If we prepare a sample from a heat activating powder of synthetic urine right before the testing, we don’t have to warm it up.

Get Synthetic Urine Belt for Supervised Drug Test

In testing for some more responsible workplaces, or within government services, employers usually insist on supervised drug tests. If we are among these categories of workers, a sample replacement is not possible. But we can use Synthetic Urine Belt to pass the test. The good thing is that we can use it with any brand of synthetic urine, and it’s suitable for both genders.

In days before the drug test, we can try out this belt to perfection, using hot water. On the day of testing, we have to prepare the synthetic urine according to the instructions and place it in the storage bag on the belt.

We must take care of the temperature, which should not be lower than 90 F. To ensure constant heat, most belts come with handy heat pads in the package, which we have to stick to the storage bag and check the temperature from time to time.

How to Place Synthetic Urine Belt

We have to place the belt around our waist, under the clothes. This product is pretty discreet. It’s desirable to wear a regular cotton shirt under the belt, to avoid overheating the urine sample with the temperature of our body.

Place a tube to simulate the drainage of the urine between the legs. We need to activate push-button to release the urine and fill in the bottle. The general advice is to act natural and be relaxed; this way, we won’t cause any suspicion.

We can use synthetic urine belt anytime we have scheduled a drug test. Their maintenance is of great importance. It includes regular cleaning and drying after every use. There are specific products intended for this, while we should avoid detergents and soaps so as not to disrupt the pH value of the storage space (bag and tube).

Natural Methods for Passing Urine Drug Test

Our body is capable of eliminating harmful substances by itself over time. If we “take a break” in marijuana consumption, our body can flush all toxins out within 30 days. However, when a drug test expects us in just a few days, we can use some natural methods to accelerate this cleansing process.

Body fats store cannabis metabolites. The more fat deposits we have, the more THC will be deposited there. When our body uses that fat as energy source, they will gradually release these metabolites into our body fluids. So, even when we didn’t use cannabis for a while, some random drug test can show a positive result.

Body fat complicates the elimination of THC metabolites from the organism since these are fat soluble (12). Therefore, a general recommendation for cannabis users is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep optimal body weight using healthy foods and having regular physical activity.

How Natural Methods Can Help Us Pass a Drug Test

Our liver is in charge of the majority of detox processes in our body, but the process of eliminating toxins requires some time. Therefore, we can support its work in several ways. More detailed explanation about natural detox readers can find here (13).

Abstain for a while

Renunciation of what pleases us is easier said than done. But once-in-a-while abstaining from it can be a good move. When we don’t add new amounts of THC to our body, it will eliminate those existing supplies more effectively.

Besides the mental preparation for the abstaining period and finding something that will distract us from weed use (maybe meditation, yoga or some hobby), we should move away from everything that reminds us of cannabis. We may even have to stop hanging around with people that judge our decision about abstaining.

Nutrition Changes

When we reduce the percentage of body fat, we’ll eliminate the stored THC metabolites too. For the successful burning of these deposits, our metabolism has to work without disturbing.

If we provide enough energy at the beginning of the day with a healthy and abundant breakfast, we won’t need junk and processed food throughout the day. We should drink plenty of water, which also helps the burning of fat burning boost fat burning process.

Besides breakfast, other daily meals should be balanced and planned. Fasting is out of the question. (14) We should introduce as many fresh foods, fruits, and vegetables to our everyday menu. Apart from being low in calories, these foods abound in fibers that can gradually eliminate THC traces from our body.

Be Physically Active

Reducing fat deposits will have the best results when we combine healthy nutrition and regular physical activity. Muscles are the significant fat burners, and we should build them by exercising. More muscle tissue means a lower percentage of body fat.

When we exercise, our body needs more energy. If we didn’t provide it in sufficient amount, it starts to burn its stocks from fat deposits, releasing the number of THC metabolites which will leave our body through urine, feces or sweat.

Can Activated Charcoal Help?

We can combine several natural methods of cleansing because they don’t interfere with each other. Active charcoal can be a great addition that will speed up the process of the organism detoxification. Numerous studies showed that this substance has tremendous power to absorb toxins (15) from our body before they enter the bloodstream, thereby encouraging their elimination through feces.

Introduce Active Charcoal in Our Detox Regimen

Active coal used for detox can most often be found in the form of pills. If we have a few days to prepare for a drug test, we can combine this ingredient with any of the previously mentioned methods for cleansing the organism.

As long as we consume active charcoal pills, we have to drink plenty of water to accelerate the toxin elimination process. We could use some home drug tests to control the level of THC metabolites in our body. Cannabis abstinence is highly-recommended, at least a while.

  1. At least two days in a row we must adhere to the prescribed regimen – 1 to 2 hours before the meal, we should take 10g of activated carbon with plenty of water to avoid constipation.
  2. For the rest of the days, we do not use pills, but we have a specific diet regimen. We have to eat foods rich in fibers, which will further purify our gastrointestinal tract. (16)
  3. It won’t hurt if we use pills of activated charcoal on the day of the drug test. Thus, they can bind more metabolites that “wander” through our body.

Extra tip: If we are using some therapies, it would be desirable to consult a physician about the use of activated charcoal pills. Given its absorption power, it may happen that it binds some of the active ingredients from these medications, and thus significantly reduces their effect.

Detox Products that Work

Selections of products that can help us eliminate (or at least cover) cannabis traces during a drug test are wide. There are detox kits that are typical commercial fraud, but there are many products that have passed all the tests and that we can use when a drug test expect us in a couple of days.

7-Day Detox Kit

With this product, a week is enough to eliminate THC permanently from the body. Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program works on all body fluids. Since these pills are made on herbal base, they are perfectly legal and safe for use.

Besides containing herbs that will “flush” toxins away from the body, these pills include substances like pectin and creatinine, which will maintain the natural composition of our urine.

We should look after the possible side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Some components of this product can worsen these conditions. Also, pregnant and nursing women and chronic patients undergoing treatment should consult a doctor before using this detox kit.

The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox

For those not liking pills, The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox drink is the real deal. It will help us clean our body not only from THC but also from many other toxins. For heavy users, a double dose is a must.

This product has some negative reviews, and this is quite normal. Everyone’s organism is different, and no one will react equally to its ingredients. To avoid discomfort if the product doesn’t work, do several test runs before a real drug test.

Note: Medications like Tylenol, Motrin or cold medicine can interfere with this product. We should stop with therapies at least 48 hours before we start body cleansing with The Stinger 7 Day Total Detox.

Extra Tips to Pass a Urine Drug Test with Detox Kits

When we have enough time to prepare for a drug test, we can do some useful thing which will increase our chances of passing if we opt for detox kits.

  • Before going to the scheduled drug test, we can check the efficiency of detox kits with the urine test strips found in these products. We can also use any home tests that we can find at a local store or pharmacy.
  • We can use these products right before the testing, following all the instructions. Test run should be done after that, not first thing in the morning. There’s a chance that we’ll get false results if we do pre-testing too early.
  • Many of these products require increased fluid intake. It is best to use water, but we can drink natural juices and tea. It will force our organism to excrete more urine, fasten the elimination of toxins and avoid their storage in the bladder, kidneys, and urinary channels.
  • When we know that a drug test is expecting us in a couple of days, we have to stay calm and relaxed. This way, our chances to “cheat” a drug test will significantly increase.
  •  Just before going to the drug test, we should not use alcohol and cigarettes. It’s important to stay clean, in every sense, at least until testing is finished.
  • Since it hasn’t yet been clarified how some supplements and vitamins affect the results of drug tests, it is best not to use them at least 24 hours before testing, unless it’s necessary. Some medicines, such as antibiotics and analgesics (17), can produce false results.
  • We can find toxins all around us. Sometimes we can’t avoid them, but at least 48 hours before scheduled drug test we should avoid toxic environments and be careful with consuming food and drinks of unknown origin.
  • If we want to eat before drug testing, we should choose light meals, with plenty of fresh ingredients. Processed and junk foods rich in fat, sugar, and chemicals can affect the process of eliminating THC metabolites.
  • When we exercise, we burn body fat. However, in cannabis users, fatty deposits bind THC metabolites. When our body uses them as the energy source, these are released into body fluids (urine, sweat, etc.), and their concentration grows. It is therefore not desirable to workout before going to the drug test.

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