Does Subway Drug Test?

By reading this article, you will know whether or not Subway does drug testing. Also, you will get to understand the Subway hiring process, and you will in a better position to make an informed decision of whether or not to be part of their staff.

The Subway Hiring Process

Subway uses a hiring procedure that is different from other companies. This is because it is a franchise company just like Burger King or McDonald’s. The company employs a standardized hiring process. People seeking job are required to submit their applications and then wait for the interview. If you happen to pass the general interview, then background testing is conducted afterward.

So Does Subway Drug Test?

According to the Subway’s Employee Handbook, the company clearly states that they have zero tolerance for drug usage, especially at the workplace. The company’s Drug and Alcohol policy also states that employees should not go to work under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. It is, thus, the mandate of the company to conduct random or scheduled drug testing of its employees(Read how to pass it here: ).

However, the people working and those who have worked at Subway claim that they have never been subjected to any drug testing. So, this is a clear indication that Subway is not serious at all about drug-testing its employees. They only created the policy just for formality purposes.

Most of the Subway franchises do not bother conducting drug testing on employees when interviewing them. There are many people working at subway who have never had a drug test before. One of the reasons for this is that some of the jobs offered there are awful and are lowly paid. So, if the company rules out that anyone coming for the interview must be drug-tested, then they may not find anyone to do such awful jobs.

But does this mean drug testing is not conducted at Subway? If you read online reviews about Subway, there are a lot of people saying they faced a drug test, so how did this happen?

Does Subway Conduct Pre-Employment Drug Test

There are certain clear indications that Subway carries out a pre-employment drug test. With almost 45,000 Subway outlets globally, there is insufficient information regarding pre-employment drug testing policy.

But according to the info gathered from a few stores, a drug test is done at California, Oceanside and Subway Pittsburgh, PA. Note that such tests are not done during the initial interview, but after employees have been offered conditional jobs.

What Kind of Drug Test Does Subway Conduct

The fact is that not everyone looking to work with Subway is going to face a drug test. So, if you apply to work at Subway, you are 90% sure to not undergo any drug test. But if you are an existing employee there and you mess up, then there are high chances of facing a drug test. This particular threat though is meant to scare people, but mostly they do it for insurance compliance.

If by any chance Subway decides to carry out drug test on its employees, they will test the five commonly abused drug substances. These include Opiates, cannabinoid, Cocaine, PCP and Amphetamine.

Mostly, Subway utilizes the five-panel urine test. They may also use other types, such as saliva drug test and hair drug test in case of post-accident drug testing.

In essence, you might never be subjected to any drug test at Subway, but if you do an accident, you are likely to face one. It is, therefore, imperative to be careful, so you do not get subjected to drug testing.

Company’s Brief

Subway is a renowned fast food restaurant franchise in the United States, which mostly deals with salads and submarine sandwiches. It was established on August 28, 1965, in Bridgeport, CT. With almost 45, 000 outlets in over 100 countries across the globe, this company is regarded as the most popular restaurant franchises in the whole world. There are about 500, 000 people working with Subway, and that is why many people are aspiring to work with such an established and financially-stable company.


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