Does Drinking Bleach Clean Your System Of THC

clorox bleachDesperation and gullibility is one hell of a combination. I mean it is okay that you heard that Russian roulette could fix your headache but, just because you have had a migraine for days, are you willing to try it?

Ingesting bleack will result in chest pains, shock, low blood pressure, and coma or death.

The same can be said about using bleach to pass a drug test. There is a slim chance that it may work but how much are you willing to stake? Your job? Your life?

But as we are talking about the bleach here, to shed some light on these, and other, rumors surrounding bleach, it is important to know how it is supposedly used in drug test scenarios.

How to use it

There are three known ways to adulterate your urine sample using bleach.

  1. Adding it directly
  2. Dipping your finger in bleach then in urine
  3. Drinking it

The first two methods work using either powdered or liquid bleach in small quantities. The instructions surrounding ingesting the bleach are inconsistent. Lots of people believe taking it in small quantities mixed with milk works and has no real side effects. Or does it?

Side effects

Using bleach has rather dire side effects, the worst being experienced when you ingest it.

Adding it to urine to mask the results will require you to sneak it into the facility. As it is very potent, hiding it on the body may cause skin irritability, chemical burns, or rashes. Also, its fumes are not easily concealable and could land you in trouble.

Ingesting it is not something that anyone should even remotely consider. Ingesting it will result in chest pains, shock, low blood pressure, and coma or death.

Why it may work

No, drinking bleach will not work. All those anecdotal claims are too farfetched. Assuming it does, chances are, you will be left in a condition worse than that of losing your job.

Adding a small amount of chlorinated bleach into the sample may work. THC-COOH is the metabolite that is detected during drug tests. Research has shown that oxidants such as bleach can make this metabolite undetectable. It does so by breaking it down to CBN.

Why it is not reliable

For starters, only chlorinated bleach has been said to work: peroxide bleaches won’t. The downside to it is its potent odor and fumes which can be detected easily.

As it is a strong oxidizing agent, there are chances that the pH of your urine may be above the normal range. The pH is the first thing that sample integrity tests check for, and adulteration can easily be detected. It may even show false positive results.

Bleach doesn’t oxidize the urine immediately. According to the research, it takes up to 48 hours for all the metabolites to be broken down.

If you decide to use bleach, you should experiment with different brands until you find the ideal one — some brands, when added to urine, foam or leave a residue. This renders your sample useless for testing, and you may be required to produce another sample under supervision.

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