Does Baking Soda Clean Your System For A Drug Test

The last couple of years have seen an increase in the use of simple household items in an attempt to pass drug tests. Using them is, more often than not, a cat-mouse game; you may or may not be caught.

Among those that are mostly used is Baking Soda. This inorganic compound has some uses, the main ones, apart from baking, being cleaning and deodorizing (now that I think of it, this may be the reason behind its detoxifying claims).

Whether it is due to affordability or convenience, most people facing drug test are willing to let the fate of their jobs be determined by the rumor of its efficacy. There is no denying that there is an element of truth in the rumor. As such, I will shed light on why it may have worked for someone else, and why it may not work for you.

But first, how does one use it?

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How to use it

To properly ingest baking soda to beat the drug test, you will need only two things, the baking soda, and lots of water. The concentration of the solution that you make will be dependent on your body weight. For every 50 pounds that you weigh, add one tablespoon to an 8-ounce cup of water.

Baking soda (Sodiumbicarbonate) on wooden table

Stir the solution well. The proper way to take it is to drink it all at once because the moment you taste it you will feel nauseated. Afterward, drink another cup full of water to get rid of the taste and combat dehydration.

To beat the drug test, the baking soda solution should be ingested less than four hours to the test. It leaves you with a 4-6 hour window in which the drug metabolites and other toxins cannot be detected from the urine.

Side effects

The side effects of ingesting baking soda to beat drug tests range from mild to intense, depending on the amount used.

When taken for some time, it causes stomach cramps, and one may suffer from dehydration. Being bicarbonate of soda, taking it leads to the formation of a huge amount of sodium. As such, anyone with high blood pressure, heart failure, or those on a sodium-restricted diet should keep away from it as it poses some danger to them.

Most sites fail to include the last step in “how to use it”— Make sure you have unlimited access to a restroom. Eliminating all the toxins from the kidney and liver is the idea behind taking the solution. That said, one of two things is bound to happen; you both hurl and excrete simultaneously, or one of them happens.

This goes on for about 45 minutes, after which your body starts getting back to normal.

In some cases, ingesting baking soda has landed people in the hospital. In a particular case, a man who had taken excessive amounts of baking soda appeared tremulous, alert and distressed. Further screening and examination showed that he had hypochloremia, urinary alkalinization, and hypokalemia.

He was admitted, and his mental status improved throughout his stay at the hospital. He was discharged on day 4.

Why it can work

According to Dr. Amitava Dasgupta, a drug testing expert, baking soda may work to conceal the traces of drugs in your body.

Apart from that, the only other evidence that portrays it as a good detoxifying agent is people’s claims. There is no end to the number of people who claim that it worked for them, and it will surely work for others.

Most review sites, however, are of the opinion that using baking soda is not a reliable method to beat drug tests.

Why it is not reliable

All household items – excluding Visine eye drops – used to mask urine test have one thing in common; they cannot pass a urine integrity test. If tested for creatinine, temperature, pH, and specific gravity, the results would indicate adulteration.

Baking soda is a base, hence its function to relieve acid reflux or an upset stomach. When taken in large doses to mask the test, it increases the urine pH level significantly. Even if you manage to pass the adulterant test, as a characteristic of urine with exceptionally high pH levels, you may end up getting a false positive.

As your stomach is constantly producing the bicarbonate to maintain the pH levels of your body at a healthy level, there is not much to suggest that adding a little more in the form of baking soda will have any effect.

When you take a closer look at most of the cases where a person swears that it worked for him/her, you will notice most, if not all, are talking about methamphetamines and amphetamines. Drugs such as marijuana and opiates may not be so easily concealed. This is not to say that it will surely work for the two as there is neither medical nor scientific evidence to back the claims.

For most drugs, however, if you decide to go the baking soda way, you are just playing mouse and hoping the cat doesn’t catch you.


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