Best THC Detox Kits for Passing a Drug Test

Having a drug test anytime soon? You do not have to worry because we have a solution to help you flush marijuana out of your system. There are several detox products with different detoxification effects.

Some products remove the drug permanently from the body’s metabolic system while others are useful for just a short period of time. There are chemical and natural methods of detoxification.

When looking for the best product to use in detoxification, it is important to consider factors such as the ingredients, the time that the cleansing process will take and the guarantee.

How Detox Products Help To Pass a Drug Test

Notably, the Detox products are categorized in to two types. There are permanent detoxifications and the same day solutions. Permanent detoxification products remove drug metabolites from the human body system. To remove the THC from the body permanently, one should ensure that he or she removes the THC from the fats and dispose cells. During the extraction, the liver break down the THC and it is excreted through sweat, bowel movements or urination. Once done, the body usually has low levels of the drug, whereby it is usually below detection levels when these tests are done. On the other hand, same day solutions work on targeting the urinary tract and the bladder in order to eliminate and flush all toxin metabolites from the organs giving one an estimated 6 hours to give samples of clean urine. After the estimated time, the toxin metabolites in the rest of the body gradually makes their way back in to the system whereby the THC becomes detectable in the urine.

Best THC Detox Kits

Premium 7 Day Detox Program

This product is made from natural ingredients and one cannot detect it during a drug test. This is a 7-day permanent detox program except for people with weight above 200lbs who will use the program twice in a back to back system (14 days). The product cleanses blood, urine, and saliva completely.

This detox program also comes with a seven-day lifestyle management program to control the nutrition of a user within the detoxification period. If the consumer does not achieve successful results within the period of using the product the manufacturer promises an immediate refund.


  • Money guarantee in case the detoxification process is not successful
  • Cleanses the blood, urine, and saliva


  • Some ingredients such as Cascara Sagrada may have severe side effects such as diarrhea and abdominal pains.
  • It is expensive for people with a lot of weight
How to Use the Product

The product has 3 set of tablets, the jumpstart set, the morning set, and the evening set. Take the four tablets in the jumpstart set one day before the cleansing process begins with 24 ounces of water.

Take the four tablets in the morning set every morning for the seven days 30 minutes before breakfast. Take the four tablets in the evening set every evening for the seven days, 30 minutes before dinner. After breakfast and dinner, it is necessary to carry out an exercise for 15 minutes.

Fast Detox Kit

This is a powerful product that provides temporary cleansing that lasts for about 5 hours. It is made from natural ingredients that are not detectable during a drug test. This kit requires one to take a lot of water as it is made from a combination of diuretics.

This kit comes with a self-test device for THC- Marijuana, a bottle of QCarbo Plus (20 ounces), one packet of the Super Boost Tablets and one detox supplement (QClean chewable).This method of detoxing works by interfering with the components of the urine and ensuring that the components of marijuana cannot be detected from the urine. In case one fails a drug test within 5 hours after using this kit the manufacturer will refund the cost of purchasing the kit.



  • Lasts for only 5 hours. Any time inconveniences will cause one to fail a drug test.
  • Cleanses urine only. Drug tests involving blood or saliva will be failed.

How to Use the Product

Use this product on the day that the drug test will be carried out. Start the cleansing process 2 hours before the testing time by taking a lot of water, about 20 ounces. After 20 minutes, drink the QCarbo Plus (20 ounces) together with all the Super Boost Tablets.

After 20 minutes, refill the QCarbo Plus bottle with water and drink it. Urinate two times then perform a drug test using the provided device. If the results are not accurate, chew the QClean Chewable tab and take 32 ounces of water. Urinate again then perform a final drug test.

Total Critical Cleaning Package

This product is useful when a random drug test needs to be carried out within a short notice given. This product covers the hair, blood, saliva, and urine. This kit contains 5 components. One Perma Clean removes the drug components from the blood. One Super Quick Caps removes marijuana components from the urine for only a short period of time. One Ultra Wash takes care of the saliva for only 15 to 30 minutes. A pair of Zydot Ultra Clean is a hair shampoo that removes chemicals from the hair. This package also contains a self-test kit used in testing the urine of the consumer.


  • Most convenient for emergency drug tests
  • Cleanses a wide range of fluids that is blood, saliva, urine and also has a provision for hair.


  • The self-test kit is limited to test only urine.
  • It is not useful when one wants to permanently remove the drug components from the metabolic system of the body.

How to Use the Product

The Perma Clean, Super Quick, and Ultra Wash tabs are taken all at once a few minutes from 20 minutes from the time of carrying out a drug test. Within the 20 minutes use the pair of Zydot Ultra Clean to clean up the hair, for people with long hair, they need to use 2 pairs.

Stinger 7 Day Total Detox Drink

This is a product that performs a permanent cleansing program by removing a variety of toxins including THC from the blood, urinary tract and saliva. The product is a drink made from natural ingredients and minerals. The cleansing process takes a maximum of seven days after which all unwanted toxins will be permanently removed from the body.


  • Permanently removes THC and other unwanted toxins from the body.
  • It is cheaper than the Premium 7 Day Detox Program.


  • It is expensive for people with weight exceeding 230 pounds as they will require 2 bottles.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer pills or capsules.

How to Use the Product

48 hours before starting the cleansing process make sure you avoid any toxins. Take one tablespoon in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before dinner for seven days. You can as well mix the detox drink with either juice or water to improve its taste.

2 Month Extensive Cleansing Program

This product is designed for people with a lot of weight and who have been using drugs for a very long time. This product removes toxins permanently from the body system. This kit has got four components. Vale’s Perma Clean provides nutrients that support the functioning of the liver.

Vale’s Flax Boost has natural fiber and omega-3 which improved digestion and also the excretion of waste. These two products will be able to bring good results after being used for two months. In case a drug test is to be carried out within the two months, Vale’s Solution 4x and Vale’s Fiber Boost which has a fast cleansing effect.


  • The product has a permanent detoxifying effect
  • The product has a provision just in case the consumer is going for a drug test before 2 months are over.


  • The product is expensive.
  • The product takes a lot of time to bring the results that the consumer expects.

How to Use the Product

Start the cleansing process by taking one bottle of Vale’s Solution 4x together with one packet of Vale’s Fiber Boost. Begin the daily supplements the following day by taking 4 tablets of Vale’s Perma Clean. After finishing the Vale’s Perma Clean tablets, take the second bottle of Vale’s Solution 4x and the remaining packet of Vale’s Fiber Boost. Thereafter, continue with the daily supplement of Vale’s Flax Boost taking three tablets every day until the two months are over.


Premium 7 Day Detox Program could be a good option for anyone looking for a product to help in carrying out permanent detoxification. On the other hand, fast detox kit could offer a good solution to anyone looking for a same day cleansing product.

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