The United States of America Marijuana Party

The United States of America Marijuana Party consists of a group of Americans that are motivated, sick and tired of watching their backs because the government prohibits the use of marijuana. We have had it with the government intruding into our private lives. We are sick of regular urine tests at school and work. We are tired of armed home invasions and the possibility of facing the slammer because of a simple God-given plant. We are United States of America citizens (better yet, e are the new Americana’) we do have no intention of pissing in cups anymore, we are tired, we are fed up!

We, 20 million Americans that smoke weed regularly are not ashamed of our love for the herb, we have had enough with the hiding while smoking. It is high time we unite and demand that the unconstitutional prohibition of the use of marijuana comes to an end. The United States government cannot lock up over 20 million marijuana users.

The war on drugs is not only costly to the taxpayer, but it also causes more harm than good. In fact, it is more harmful than the drugs themselves.
When we come together, we are a strong block composed of 20 million people. We were born free and a life of servitude is not what we signed for. We should be determined to fight for our rights. We must stand up and do whatever it takes, be it demonstrating, writing, picketing or rallying. We do not really care. As long as our voices are heard.

Waiting to be locked up by the government is not an option. Doing so will not silence us, besides, so many of our brethren are already in prison.
Currently, many Americans are behind bars for marijuana offenses than any other time in our country’s history. The war against marijuana can only be compared to genocide by the government in their efforts to eradicate our culture, our freedom, our plant and most importantly, our political rights.