How to pass a saliva drug test in 24 hours

Nowadays, the mouth swab drug test is not represented as before. Employers are aware this type of test is fast, but it can’t always provide accurate results. Also, one more withdraw is that it detects only short-term use of marijuana. More and more, the urinalysis replaces this method.

Collecting and Testing Saliva Sample

Taking a saliva sample is simple, but often it’s not done in the right way, so the drug test doesn’t produce accurate results. Trained lab technicians know where from to start taking the sample. It is a place between the gums and the lower cheek, where the saliva accumulates.

Then they will move the cotton swab or specially designed brush all over the donor’s mouth. This ensures the collecting of new amounts of saliva. The sample is placed into the tube with a special fluid which should react with the spit. If it changes color after a few minutes, the test is positive.

Mouth swab test can’t detect whether we smoked marijuana a week ago, but if we did it before two days, a result could be positive. THC metabolites stay about 3 days in saliva. In single-time smokers, these toxins can disappear even after 12 hours.

Methods to Pass the Swab Test

This drug test is perhaps the easiest to pass. Since THC metabolites are retained for 72 hours in the saliva, we just have to stop consuming marijuana and do the regular mouth hygiene if we are going to a drug test within that time limit.

To make sure that our saliva sample is clean, some flavored mouthwash can help. But some recent studies indicate that even plain water is more effective than commercial products containing aggressive substances like peroxides.

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